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eye color descriptions


brown: amber, brandy, champagne, chestnut, chocolate, cognac, doe-eyed, golden, honey, nut brown, russet, soft, tawny, topaz, velvety, walnut, whiskey, cinnamon, copper, fawn, maroon, rusty, sepia, straw-colored, tawny, terracotta, umber, beige, bronze, coffee/cocoa, molasses, coconuts, fudge, toffee, dirt, mud, autumn.

black (dark brown): coal black, ebony, jet black, obsidian, pitch black, sloe-eyed, smoky, soot, velvety, dark, soulless, ink, charcoal, (mid)night, raven’s wing, inky, flinty

blue: aquamarine, baby blue, china blue, cornflower blue, crystal blue, (washed out) denim blue, electric blue, forget-me-not blue, gunmetal blue, steel blue, ice blue, indigo, sapphire, sky blue, navy, peacock, royal blue, teal, turquoise, ultramarine, aquamarine, cornflower blue, watery blue, milky blue.

gray: charcoal gray, cloud gray, graphite, gunmetal, silver, slate, smoky, storm, iron grey, leaden, dove grey, slush, gravel, wolf’s fur, moon-like, soft grey, opal, washed out, cement

green: bottle green, cat’s eye green, chartreuse, emerald, forest green, grass green, jade green, leaf green, sea green, olive, pea green, color of spring, fern green, 

hazel: generally brown/green desc.

violet: amethyst, hyacinth, magenta, lavender, lilac. 

red: plum, wine-colored, rose-colored, ruby, scarlet, vermilion, burgundy, cerise, claret, crimson. 

note: eye colors are in order from most common to least common. all of these are varying degrees of cliché, so avoid describing eye colors more than a small handful of times. you should use other details to enhance these descriptive terms, or scratch them, and use an unusual comparison.

references: colors used: 1 2 3 additional colors: 4 5 eye desc: 6 7




I stumbled upon a website that allows you to blend any colors evenly no matter how opposite on the spectrum they are.

sharing the knowledge


very helpful art resource


Anonymous asked:
hi! sorry to bother you but do you know any good sites for tumblr themes? themes like yours or seansoo's or similar?


hey! i like these:

you’ll have to ask sean for his recommendations 👀


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